“Sharing food and space is the foundation of community, and it’s what we’re all about at OPEN.”

At OPEN, you can expect a friendly welcome, impeccable service and really, really good food. We like the best things in life, but we also keep it relaxed. We want you to feel at home at OPEN, so slide on in to our comfortable banquet seating, find a spot in the leafy sunlit alfresco, people watch in a window seat or huddle around a selection of share plates with friends in our private dining room.

David's Korean upbringing informs the East-meets-West menu, While there are plenty of recognisable classics on the menu, more adventurous drinks and food might try the French blossom, Ribs and kimchi pancake, Matcha Tea-ramisu or Early grey Tea-ramisu.

At OPEN, we take our coffee seriously. Our custom house blend is crafted for its sweet flavour and syrupy mouth-feel. Our baristas are always up for a chat, and are hoping to get into a long-term relationship with you. Every morning, twice, maybe three times a day for years to come, we’ll be here for you. Let’s take it slow though -  there’s no need to rush into things. We can start with a coffee date.

OPEN hours

Monday - Friday
6am - 4pm
7am - 4pm