O P E N  L U N C H



O P E N   L U N C H
Made to Order, freshly prepared everyday

FRESH SANDWICHES(Turkish Bread)         11.0
-House marinade Bulgogi beef brisket, Lettuce, Cabbage pickle, fried shallot, Turkish bread
-Poached ginger soy chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, crispy bacon, aioli
-Falafel, tabouli, hummus, Duhka, fried shallot, carrot pickle   VEGAN

NOURISH BOWL                15.0
Quino, Spinach, Black beans, Grilled corn, fried shallot, coriander, seasonal pickled vegetables Served in a BOWL with your protien

Choose your protein
-Poached chicken
-Beef brisket
-House made Falafel    VEGAN